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Dear members,
Due to the carnaval the following trainings are cancelled:
Men’s selection: Thursday 8th of February and Tuesday 13th of February
Ladies: Tuesday 13th of February
Lower teams: Friday 9th of February

Winter break
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The Christmas holiday is nearby and this also means that the winter break is coming soon.
This week, the 12th of December till the 15th of December, the last trainings before the winterstop will take place, and on Sunday 17th of December the last matches will be played.

The date at which the trainings start again after the winter break
differs per group:

Selection teams: first training on Sunday 7th of January, second
training on Tuesday 9th of January
Ladies: first training on Tuesday 9th of January, second training on
Thursday 11th of January
Lower men teams: first training on Wednesday 17th of January, second
training on Friday 19th of Januar

53th Board of Pusphaira installed
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Yesterday evening, the 53th board of Pusphaira was installed during the General Members Meeting. They will lead our club during the season 2017-2018. The following members are in the board now:

Lien de Klein Voorzitter (Chairman)
Vera Haagsman Secretaris (Secretary)
Jordie Kolkman Penningmeester (Treasurer)
James Loos Vice-voorzitter (Vice chairman)
Juriaan van den Hurk Zondagsman (Match secretary)

On behalf of the club we would like to wish a fantastic, good and learnful year of board experience!

Trainings for the lower men teams will start again!
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The training for the lower men teams will start again next friday at 19.00! Be there!

Pusphaira Ladies 1 will play 3th league in season 17/18
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Have you heard it yet? Pusphaira Ladies 1 will play 3th division in season 17/18. This is one league higher than last season. We are really looking forward to it!

In this way, we hope our ladies members can play on a more suitable level, and continue to learn and develop themselves!

Playing soccer at Pusphaira? Click above on General -> Become a member.

Training schedule 2017/2018
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Our training schedule for the season of 2017/2018 will change. Biggest changes are the swap between ladies and the lower men team, and the inclusion of sportscard owners on Friday.

Teams Day and Time
Selection men Tuesday and Thursday
8.30 to 10.00 PM
Lower men teams Wednesday*
7.00 to 8:30 PM and 8.30 to 10:00 PM
7.00 to 20:30 PM
Ladies Tuesday and Thursday
7.00 to 8.30 PM
Open training Friday
7.00 to 8.30 PM

* The distribution of teams over the Wednesday training timeslots is yet to be announced.

Teun Bosch new head coach ladies ESVV Pusphaira
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We are proud to announce that Teun Bosch will be head coach for the ladies of ESVV Pusphaira for season 2017/2018.

Teun studies Mechanical Engineering at the TU/e and is currently in his last year of his Master’s degree. Teun has been playing for the club for several years, has been in the board two years ago and has been head coach assistant and coach of the second ladies team last year.

We wish Teun a lot of success for the upcoming season!

Match review: P7 – Wilhelmina Boys
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Today we were back at our normal 10 o clock time for the match. We knew it could be a potential win, considering our goalscoring record from the last weeks and the form of our opponent Wilhelmina Boys. Motivated to the teeth we would meet up at 9.15, but as usual half the team was late. With the guys who where already there, the starting line up was being discussed. With an astonishing 12 men from our own team we thought this wouldn’t be a problem. Except for two small setbacks, since there wasn’t a goalkeeper and not a single attacker. Luckily we had Thijs who wanted to volunteer to be in goal, and Sander who wanted to give it a shot as striker. So once everyone was there and warmed up, the match could start. With our improvised line up, we let Wilhemina boys build up the play and once the time was right we’d put them under pressure. The game started with both teams waiting for the other to make a move. After a minute or ten we knew their weak spots and felt this was a chance to get our first win of 2017. We took more initiative which resulted is some good combinations between Martin, Leon, Sander and David. However, we were unlucky in our finishing and couldn’t really make it into their box. Halfway the first half, Srinath got injured at his rib again so on came our new vice captain Basel in midfield. With a more attacking minded Basel we put Wilhelmina under more pressure, which resulted in some dangerous situations from crosses and through passes. Unfortunatly this didn’t result in any goals before half time. Luckily our defence with Sjoerd Ruben Kyle and Xu Feng was sturdy as a rock, and didn’t let Wilhelmina get any shot at goal. The only dangerous moment from Wilhelmina came from a corner, in which our great substitute goalie Thijs punch the bal out. During half time we were all determined to win the game and put them under even more pressure. Back on the pitch we put actions to our words and with again some good combinations and crosses between our midfield and attack we came close a couple of times. Too bad for us, but Leon and Sander didn’t had their day with the finishes so it stayed 0-0. After about 15 minutes we got a free kick after Sander was tackled down at about 20 metres from goal. He stepped up himself to take the free kick, and hit it with a lot of curve with which the ball seemed to go right in the top corner. Unfortunately the ball had too less speed and the keeper could save it. We were getting stronger and stronger, which eventually resulted in a well deserved goal! After a corner which went out the box, Leon got the ball at the left side of the box. After making it to back line, he put in a cross and Kyle headed it home from close distance. After all those chances, typically a defender who pulled the trigger. After the goal we kept on playing like we did for the whole match, and eventually Martin broke free on the right side, put in a cross which hit the hand of a sliding defender. The ref whistled for a penalty, and striker for one day Sander felt confident to take the spot kick. But as for the whole of the match, his finishing wasn’t spot on and he kick it wide. So it stayed 1-0, and Wilhelmina got a bit more forward. This eventually resulted in a counter from our side, where Sander was sent one on one with the goal keeper with a high through pass. However, since we lost the match ball and played with a ball not fit for a match on such a pitch, the ball got a weird bounch and with the keeper close, Sander hit the ball out the air over the goalie, but unfortunately this one went wide as well. In the final minutes of the match, our fitness was against us and we parked the bus with 10 men within 20 metres of the goal and just one striker up front. We fought for every meter and defended with all we had. Wilhelmina couldn’t get through, and in the final seconds of the match the ball was kicked long, and landed in between our striker, a defender and the goalkeeper. The defender thought he could play it back to his goalie easily, but he came out of his goal. The defender paniced while under pressure, and kicked it over his own keeper in the goal. 2-0 it was!! Right after the goal, the ref whistled for the end of the game and we had our first win since September. And even more remarkable, our new goalie Thijs kept the first clean sheet of the season! After our meeting on thursday about the future of P7, this win came on the right moment! Next week we have another important match against number 10 Una, and we will try to go for the full 3 points again!

The open training is now on thursday instead of friday!
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Due to the low attendance rate we have decided that the open training on friday at 20:30-22:00 will be cancelled for the rest of the season. In return, everyone with a TU/E sportscard will be able to take part in the training of the lower teams on thursday. This training takes place every thursday at 19:00-20:30.