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The subscription is complete once the payment of 50 euros per team has been received. We require the complete payment of the registration costs to be made in advance, at the latest by the first of August. But take into account: when the tournament is already full with other teams that already paid; you are too late. The payment (in Euros) must be received on the following account, before the above mentioned date:
IBAN:  NL16INGB0003449343
Stichting Prof. van Lint Tournament

Participation will be confirmed after receiving both the signed application form and the payment.

Participation costs do not include insurance.

By signing the application form the signer agrees with the terms and conditions mentioned above. The signer declares to be authorized for signing and to have filled out the application form truthfully.

E.S.V.V. Pusphaira is a soccer club from Eindhoven University of Technology, TU/e.  The IT’s target audience is therefore student teams from within the Netherlands and abroad. Of course not-student-teams  are also welcome to join the tournament, if there are prepared to participate in the typical student atmosphere of the tournament: sportsmanship and having a nice time come first.

Due to our Schengen European space, every European team can come without requiring extra identification. However, teams from outside Europe, thus any other continent (America, Africa, Asia, Antarctica and Australia) will have to:

1. Get a VISA for coming to Europe
2. Check whether you do not need any permission
3. Send a copy of this VISA and a certificate of studies to our email
4. Send all documents 3 months in advance before the tournament takes place.

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The option to stay overnight is not included in the price. The costs will be announced as soon as possible. We expect it to be approximately 20 euros per person per night. Please fill in whether and how many people would like to stay overnight Friday night and/or Saturday night.

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