Complaints Committee

posted by Bestuur
Sunday, December 2, 2018

As a complaints committee we already have our own identity clear, and we have no problem sharing it with whoever benefits.
As with many large organizations, it is important to have an independent judging body in order to resolve the many possible blockages in an organization. We therefore see the complaints committee operating on the following pillars:

Transparency: We strive for the clearest possible action model in which the decision-making cascade is clear to all parties involved. We want to gain fame as a complaints-handling body, without crossing our banks. We do not want to influence management decisions, or be confused with complaining, and focus primarily on our core business. A tip for the board: house all the complaining under the NaaiCo; not only having something to do, complaining is and remains a mainly female phenomenon.

Independence: A healthy complaints committee in a functioning democracy by definition has no controlling body above it that can influence the substantive functioning of the complaints. Any attempt to do so will be seen as a totalitarian attack on democracy, and will of course be ridiculed as a dictatorship. Healthy cooperation with all parties, including the board, is of course the goal, but manipulation of the complaint processing will not be tolerated in any way.

Result-oriented: As a committee, we aim to have complaints correctly administered, archived and processed within 7 (read: seven) Sundays. The resulting feedback is not open to discussion, in order to avoid unnecessary bureaucratic scenes.

Hoping to have informed you enough!
After much complaining, here’s our e-mail address: