Updated on 10-09 16:21

On this page we put together all our measurements against the corona virus. We try to keep it as up to date as possible. If there are any uncertainties / questions mail us at

If there are any inconsistencies between the Dutch version of this page (, then the Dutch version will prevail.

If you planned a test or if you are waiting for the results you are not allowed to come to our club.

Usage of the dressing room

  • Bring your own bottle of water. The water bottles of the club will not be used.
  • Gathering before the match takes place outside with distance of 1.5 m of each other. Please all find a different spot, there is plenty of space.
  • If you have a team meeting before the match, this takes place outside.
  • Before the match, you won’t have access to a dressing room. Only after the match you will have access to a dressing room to shower in.
  • In the dressing room you keep distance of each other, max. 8 people in the dressing room (rest waits outside).
  • Max amount of people in the showers depends on which dressing room, but keep distance and don’t form a line (stay seated until a shower is free).

From now on it’s also possible to shower after trainings, with the same rules.

Usage of the canteen

If you have an away game, we recommend that you sit in the same car as you return. It is also necessary to wear mouth masks in the car. This ensures that not the whole car has to be quarantined in the event of an infection.

If you don’t have a match, we don’t recommend coming to the Hondsheuvels to support another team. We do this to prevent having too many people on the terrain.

If you do come to support, please make use of the ribbons on the fences. These ribbons indicite 1,5 meter.

If you go to the canteen and it turns out someone was present who got a positive test, you are not welcome at our club for 10 days. Also, the canteen will not be open within this period

  • Unless indicated otherwise, the canteen will be open but you can only sit, and only on designated chairs/places.
  • You can also sit on the tribune of Eindhoven Atletiek.
  • Full is full. If all the seats are taken, you are not allowed to go inside.
  • Opponents are NOT allowed to go into our canteen.
  • Teams are allowed in the canteen 2 hours after the end of their match.
Starting time of the match Timeframe welcome in the canteen
  • In between the time frames the canteen is empty. Does your game start on another time? Then you are welcome in the next time frame.
  • If your time frame ended, or the canteen is full, you are allowed to stay next to the pitch. You can appoint two people per team who are allowed to go into the canteen to get beer

Behavior in the canteen

  • The canteen is open for teams to have a drink among themselves after the game. It is therefore not the intention to have a party in the canteen. It is allowed to sit at a table with players from other teams.
  • You stay seated at all times. You are only allowed to get up to go to the bathroom or to order something. If you have to wait for your order, you also do that while sitting at your table.
  • Tables or chairs may not be moved or pushed together.