International Tournament

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The tournament
Saturday 8 September 2018, the soccer tournament will take place. There will be a separate males and females tournament. We want to male tournaments; one recreational tournament and one performance tournament. If you have a mixed team you will take part in one of the males tournaments. The games will be seven versus seven.
Saturday evening, there will be an award ceremony and a big party!
The tournament will take place at sports park the Hondsheuvels; J.C. Dirkxpad 3 in Eindhoven.

The weekend
There is an option to stay the whole weekend with us!
You can already arrive on Friday the 7th and we will have a nice party. If you want to stay overnight (Friday and/or Saturday), please fill this in in the registration form. This will cost approximately 20 euros per person per night. The exact costs will be announced as soon as possible.
On Sunday, you’ll find the members of Pusphaira at the Hondsheuvels aswell. You are very welcome to join our traditional Pusphairan Sunday!

During the whole weekend, it is only possible to pay in cash.

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Match Rules (Man And Woman)

  • All matches will be played 7 against 7.
  • The playing field is half of a normal soccer field with smaller goals.
  • A team consists of six players and a goalkeeper.
  • When the ball is out of the field by the sideline, the ball will be brought back in the field by a kick, not a throw-in.
  • In case of a free-kick, the defending team has to take at least 5 meters distance of the ball.
  • The offside rules will be dropped.
  • Every team in the performance tournament (male) is only allowed to substitute three players during the match. If a player is substituted than he or she cannot re-enter the field during the same match.
  • Players are not allowed to play in any other team than their own. If a team does not have enough players (for example, because of injuries), the committee may decide, on request, that other players can join.
  • If a player receives a yellow card, he or she has to leave the field for five minutes.
  • If a player receives a red card, he or she has to leave the field and is suspended for the next match.
  • In case of serious unsportsmanlike behavior, the organization committee may decide, after assessment of all the reports, to disqualify a player for the rest of the tournament. Respect the opponents, volunteers and members of the committee.
  • If there are any problems or doubts the referee or members of the IT-committee will take the final decision

The final position in the pool will be determined in the following order:
1. Points
2. Goal balance
3. Mutual results
4. Most goals scored
5. Penalties
In case that the semi- and quarterfinals end in a draw, the winner will be determined by penalty kicks. The final will be extended by 10 minutes if it ends in a draw. If the extra time ends in a draw, the winner will be determined by penalty kicks.

General Rules

  • The organization committee cannot be held responsible for loss or theft of, or damage to any personal belongings, or for any injuries of players or officials.
  • Any damages done during the tournament will be fixed at the expense of the person responsible.
  • For situations which are not foreseen by these regulations, the organizing committee has the deciding vote.