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Pusphaira Patch (ironable)



Pusphaira patch to show everybode that you are part of Pusphaira! Ironable on cotton clothing/products.


1. Heat the iron to its highest setting, cotton setting ***
2. Do NOT use steam
3. Place the piece of clothing on a hard surface, e.g. the floor or table
4. Place the patch with its adhesive layer on the piece of clothing
5. Possibly put a piece of parchment paper in between the patch and the piece of clothing
6. Place the iron on the patch with a lot of pressure (it is important to use a lot pressure), e.g. use your bodyweight, apply pressure for 25 seconds
TIP: after heating the patch for a couple of seconds the patch can still be moved, when in doubt about the placement of the patch, this is the moment to make a last adjustment
7. After ironing let everything cool down, afterwards the patch should be attached properly
8. Turn over the piece of clothing and repeat the steps above for ten seconds on the backside of the piece of clothing, afterwards again let everything cool down

Note that the quality of the adhesion strongly depends on the material of the clothing, when in doubt the patch could also be sewn onto the clothing, in this case use colourless thread