P4: Team of the week

posted by Bestuur
Tuesday, November 19, 2019

This week P4 played home versus Woenselse Boys. Upon arrival at the pitch the sun was shining brightly, promising a good day for a match. We started the warm up well before the opponent showed up. It was clear we were more determined to win. As the first half began we had played with the sun in our backs hoping it would give the early advantage we were hoping for. The match started of hot with a lot of ball possession and scoring opportunities. The most notable is a 1 on 1 with the keeper which Gido just missed. In spite of all our early plays Woenselse Boys managed to counterattack with a long ball over the midfield. Their high pace caught the defence of guard and they scored the first goal. This lead was kept into the half time break.
As we switched sides and the sun was now in our faces we had a monumental task ahead of us. The great passes we had in the first half continued and gave several more chances. Finally, David managed to score the equalizer after a beautiful passing play which left the defence of Woenselse Boys scratching their heads. After this the match became much more exciting as both sides started to increase the pressure. Woenselse Boys kept trying with long balls over the midfield. Luckily, Kevin had a great game keeping most of the shot out of the net. Sadly they managed another counterattack in which they scored. We managed to keep our cool and kept on playing. We kept having chances and could feel the equalizer coming. Then suddenly David had the ball at the 16 line and an opportunity to shoot. The ball went into the top left corner leaving their keeper with no chance of saving it. Both teams fought really hard to score another goal. Just before the end of the match we got a free kick from about 25 meters away. Abe was behind the ball and narrowly missed the goal by 10 meters. Soon after the match was concluded with 2-2 as the final score.