Daan Guldemond
Trainer/Coach Pusphaira 1

The 29 year old Rosmalenaar can be found in Eindhoven since the early 10’s. Here he completed his studies at Fontys. In 2015 he started as a fitness instructor at the Student Sports Center Eindhoven. The injured top talent remained active within Pusphaira after his studies as a trainer.

His trainers career;
Despite the young age, Daan already has 12 years of trainer experience. He started with the youth teams JO12, JO11 and JO17 of OJC Rosmalen, and has been active within the association for several years, both as a trainer of lower teams and selection teams. From the 2019-2020 season, Daan is the head coach of Pusphaira.


Twan van Helvert
Trainer/Coach Pusphaira 2

My name is Twan van Helvert, I am 52 years old, married to Monique and we have 2 children, Bregje and Stijn. I played football with Sarto and the now merged Velocitas in Tilburg. That was on Saturday in the 3rd class.

25 years ago I started as an independent entrepreneur at PREMECO. I then stopped playing football in first teams and started playing at a lower level.
When my son was about 6 years old he started playing football. I soon ran into old acquaintances and so I started again pretty quickly: but this time as a trainer! After training various youth teams at Noad, I became a trainer of the 2nd senior team. That team played in the reserve 2nd class. After that I started training at Riel as head coach, coming out in the 5th class. After 3 years I made the switch to Be ready (4th class). I stopped there because I wanted more free time for other hobbies such as cycling on the racing bike or MTB (at cycling club TCT 93), I also play darts regularly.

After 3 years of no football and a good conversation with Daan and Marloes, I quickly became enthusiastic about being on the pitch again!
I want to make it a great season together with Daan and the other guidance.


Ferry Smith
Keeperstrainer Pusphaira

“My name is Ferry smith and I have played left winger at various clubs and I have been a goalkeeper trainer since 1999. It is a great profession, and indeed it is a profession to make your pupils seniors better. For this I have very active various courses. Among other things, the Maarten doctor goalkeeper trainer in Utrecht, I also visited Joop Hielen goalkeeper trainer PSV, Wim Ribbens Fc Eindhoven for more diversity of training. This year I will turn 63 and still don’t want to say goodbye to this great profession, and indeed it is a profession: goalkeeper coach. “

Before Ferry became active at Pusphaira, he worked 17 at EMK Nuenen as a goalkeeper coach with the youth, but also with the 1st and 2nd team.


Teun Bosch
Trainer/Coach Pusphaira Ladies 1

My name is Teun Bosch, born in 1992 and graduated from TU / e in 2019 and now working in the robotics sector. During my student days I studied mechanical engineering and had many years of fun as a player at Pusphaira. After gaining experience as a trainer in my youth, I started training the lower ladies teams of Pusphaira in 2015. In 2017 I moved on to the head trainer role of the ladies department and I am mainly busy with training and coaching ladies 1 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

Since I was little I have always been very interested in the tactical side of football, but after a lot of fitness myself, I have also been very interested in optimizing fitness, strength and injury prevention. I always try to learn new things with both myself and the ladies, for example we are working as a group to improve our game idea together by doing video analyzes together. I was also a student myself and I did a board year at Pusphaira, so I also know that there is much more to do at Pupshaira than just playing football, as a head coach I also like to contribute to the pleasant culture that prevails within Pusphaira. preserve. With the ladies we work on being concentrated and serious during training and matches, but outside the field we ensure that we are a large fun group that do many things together!


Coen van Doodewaard
Trainer/Coach Pusphaira Ladies 2

I am Coen van Doodewaard, 23 years old and now a fourth year student of technical business administration at the Fontys here in Eindhoven. I have been a member of Pusphaira for a year now and I play in the men’s selection myself. Since childhood I have played as a central defender and from this position I try to coach the team to play better football. This is where my interest in the training profession comes from. In the youth I helped give training to youth teams and I got satisfaction from making a team play better.

This year I will train the ladies’ lower teams within Pusphaira on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Where possible I will coach them on Sunday during the games. I look forward to a great season in which a lot of football can be played and we will all have a good time with lots of football fun!


Leontien Cremers
Keeperstrainer Ladies

My name is Leontien Cremers and I have been a member of Pusphaira since 2013. In the 6 seasons as a member of the competition I have always played as a goalkeeper in various women’s teams. Now, after about 10 years of scoring myself (6 of which at Pusphaira) I quit as a football player due to injuries, but I like to continue to help other goalkeepers with their development under the bar by giving them training. In the past 10 years I have had at least 10 different goalkeeper coaches in front of me, with each trainer having different additions to make me better. Hopefully I can now bundle that knowledge and transfer it to current and future keepers at Pusphaira.