Daan Guldemond
Trainer/Coach Pusphaira 1

The 29 year old Rosmalenaar can be found in Eindhoven since the early 10’s. Here he completed his studies at Fontys. In 2015 he started as a fitness instructor at the Student Sports Center Eindhoven. The injured top talent remained active within Pusphaira after his studies as a trainer.

His trainers career;
Despite the young age, Daan already has 12 years of trainer experience. He started with the youth teams JO12, JO11 and JO17 of OJC Rosmalen, and has been active within the association for several years, both as a trainer of lower teams and selection teams. From the 2019-2020 season, Daan is the head coach of Pusphaira.


Ferry Smith
Keeperstrainer Pusphaira

Teun Bosch
Trainer/Coach Pusphaira Ladies 1
Coen van Doodewaard
Trainer/Coach Pusphaira Ladies 2