In September 2011, the Old PusphairA (OPA), the donating-association of Pusphaira, was established.

As an OPA member, you will receive the newsletter by email and you are entitled to participate at IT and the New Year’s tournament. There are different types of memberships, namely Silver member (annual donation of €25) and Gold member (minimum donation of €50). The purpose of this donation is to support the association, while keeping former members informed about the affairs within the organization. You will be invited every year to renew your membership as an OPA member.

You can sign up as an OPA member by filling out the form below:

    Which membership do you want? (see above)

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    As you may be aware, a similar connection existed between former members until 2011 under the name Postphaira. However, this connection disappeared with the establishment of OPA. The main reasons for this were the decline in contacts and the emergence of an intermediate layer of former members who wished to remain involved through donations but did not feel aligned with the more traditional core of Postphaira.

    Despite the decline in contacts within Postphaira and with Pusphaira, it was evident during the lustrum of October 2010 that the involvement of former members should not be underestimated and is highly appreciated by both current and former members. The establishment of OPA was proposed at the general assembly of Pusphaira in February 2011 and has been further developed since then.