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Are you a (HBO/WO/PhD-)student and do you have a student sports card, then you can join Pusphaira to play soccer. Instead of becoming a match member, it is also possible to join Pusphaira as a training member. Are you interested but still have doubts? Just pass by, you are more than welcome to join a training to see if you like it. Do you want to know more about our club? Have a look at this page.

You can always mail the board for more information, or call our secretary: Femke de Jager +31 6 41708232.

I would like to become a: Training member (€20,- per season)Match member for a full season (€70,- per season)Match member for half a season (€40,- per half season)

Gender MaleFemale

You can only start playing matching if you have a sports card from the Sports Center AND have paid your contribution.

Important: The man teams are full at the moment. You can still finish the registration form but you will be put on a waiting list. Please indicate below if you would like to become a training member while you wait for a spot in a team.

I will be on the waitinglist and ... I would like to become a training member until I can join a team.I only want to become a member when I can join a team.

Estimated attendance

We would like to know your estimated attendance for the matches, they are played on sunday.

I will be present more than 75% of the matchesI will be present less than 75% of the matches.

In case you have filled in less than 75% we would like to know the reason for this so we can keep this in mind with the team compositions (reasons could be: have weekend trips often or have to work on sundays etc.).

Team preference

If you have a team preference you can indicate this here.

Additional comments

Passport Photo

For your player pass.

I want to join Pusphaira because ... I really like to play soccer.Next to playing soccer I want to join the third half and club-activities.Next to playing soccer and the activities, I want to develop as a person.

Date of Birth  

Expected date of graduation

Have you already bought a sports card from the Sports Center? YesNo

* You will get the students sports card number after you have acquired a students sport card from the students sport centre. Thus, this is NOT your studentnumber!

* You need a sports card from the Students Sports Center to join Pusphaira. If you haven't bought one yet, you should do so as soon as possible and send you sports card number to

Type of identification PassportDriving licenseIdentity card

Have you been a member of another football club in the past three years? YesNo

Category ACategory B

Committee interest

We are a student club and since we arrange everything ourselves we need your help. It’s for students, but also by students! Please indicate in which committees you would be interested. Later, you might be asked if you want to join the committee. You can find here which committees we have and what their tasks are.

Promotion CommitteeIntro CommitteeComplaints CommitteeSkiCieTrainerspoulePuspass CommitteeIT Committee5x5 CommitteeWebsite CommitteeSponsor CommitteePhoto CommitteeClub Evening CommitteeBatavieren CommitteeBUS CommitteeReferee CommitteeBar Committee

How did you find Pusphaira?

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To become a member of Pusphaira, we need your approval to use your personal data. At Pusphaira, we process and store personal data. All the fields in this form and pictures. We use the data from this form for our membership administration. We store pictures to use on our website (behind a password), our news letters and our magazine, the Puspass. This data might be shared with the following third parties: Google, Dropbox, Pusphaira website and the KNVB.

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By submitting this form you are accepting that we keep the above mentioned data for an undetermined period of time , that we use this data as mentioned and that we share this data with the mentioned parties.

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