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Are you a (HBO/WO/PhD-)student and do you have a student sports card, then you can join Pusphaira to play soccer. Instead of becoming a match member, it is also possible to join Pusphaira as a training member. On the training page you can find more information about our training times, location, etc. Are you interested but still have doubts? Just pass by, you are more than welcome to join a training to see if you like it.

Our club is run by and for students. That means that everyone has to contribute something in order to keep the club going, by participating in one of our 15 committees. Examples hereof are participating in organizing a tournament, working at the canteen’s bar, or refereeing matches. You can find more information about these committees on the page Organisation > Committees.

We play matches at our sportspark ‘De Hondsheuvels’, which is located opposite to the students sports center. We have an artificial pitch and two other soccer pitches. Besides, we have our beloved canteen located at the sports park.

You can always mail the board for more information, or call to our secretary: Femke de Jager+31 6 41708232

You can fill out the subscription form below to become a member of Pusphaira.

You can pay the contribution by bank to: NL04INGB0001690270
in the name of ESVV Pusphaira

I want to become a training member (contribution fee: 20 euros)I want to play matches full season (contribution fee: 70 euros)I want to play matches for half a season (contribution fee: 40 euros)

IMPORTANT: you can only start playing matching if you have a sports card from the Sports Centre AND have paid your contribution!!
Unfortunately, there is no place in our lower men teams. If you subscribe as a match member, you will be placed on the waiting list. In that case you are guaranteed a place within a team for next season!

If you want to become a match member we would like to know your estimated attendance (games are played on sunday!)
I will be present more than 75% of the matchesI will be present less than 75% of the matches

In case you have filled in less than 75% we would like to know the reason for this so we can keep this in mind with the team compositions. (reasons could be: have weekend trips often or have to work on sundays etc.)

Date of Birth  
Gender MaleFemale


You will get the students sports card number after you have acquired a students sport card from the students sport centre. Thus, this is NOT your studentnumber!
Expected graduation date  

Type of identification PassportDriving licenseIdentity card

If you are going to be a match member for at least 1 full year it is also possible to get a direct debit instead of transfer the money manually. Please fill in the information below if you want a direct debit.

Yes, I am going to be a match member for a full year and I want a direct debit.No, I do not want a direct debit.

If you have a team preference you can indicate this here.

Have you been a member of another football club in the past three years? YesNo

If yes, please indicate the name of the club and the level at which you played Category ACategory B

We are a student club and since we arrange everything ourselves we need your help. It’s for, but also by students! You can help us out by choosing one of the options below. Which committees we have and what they do can be found here: Welke verschillende commissies er zijn, en wat ze inhouden vind je hier: Committees. I would like to be an active member of

Passport Photo (only for match members)

As of the 25th of May a new European law named General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be enforced.
This new regulation obliges us to mention which data we are collecting from our members and what we are doing with this data.

Currently, we are collecting the following data: all the fields on this application form and pictures of you.
We use this data for: members administration, posting pictures after events on our website, newsletters and our club magazine, the Puspass.
Third parties which we share the data with: Google, Dropbox, Pusphaira website.

To become a member of Pusphaira, we need your approval to use this data.

By submitting this form you are accepting that we keep the above mentioned data for an undetermined period of time , that we use this data as mentioned and that we share this data with the mentioned parties. In the deregistration form ( you have the option to erase all your data from E.S.V.V. Pusphaira.

I accept the terms and conditions mentioned above and give E.S.V.V. Pusphaira permission to collect, use and share my data with the above mentioned parties.