Pusphaira clothing line is available again!
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You have another chance to buy the unique Pusphaira training gear! Did you miss out on the previous round or are you a new Pusphairan and do you want an awesome Pusphaira sweater or T-shirt with Pusphaira logo and your initials? Order your gear before October 7th! If you’re not sure on which size you need or you just want to try them on, feel free to ask the board to try the fitting examples first!

Training slots for lower teams
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From this Wednesday on, the groups will be split apart:
P3, P8 and trainingsmembers will train from 19:00 till 20:30, P4 and P5 will train from 20:30-22:00

Training for lower men’s teams start again.
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This Wednesday the training for the lower men’s teams will start again.
Both on Wednesday and friday, the training will start at 19:00

Pusphaira is looking for a selection goalkeeper!
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Pusphaira is looking for a selection goalkeeper!

For our first men’s team we are looking for a goalkeeper!
Are you interested? Please sent a e-mail to

Friday training cancelled
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Dear members,
In contrary to what the newsletter said, the Friday training for the lower teams is cancelled (both 29th of June and 6th of July) since the attendance is too low to give a decent training.
The Wednesday training will still be given!!
For training during the summer, if people want to play football then this is possible in consultation with the board (since someone has to pick up the keys and be responsible for the balls etc.)

Wednesday 6-6-2018 training with OSVV
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This Wednesday there will be a joint training with OSVV. Therefore there are no regular trainings, everyone can join!
Training starts at 20:00.

NO training on Friday 11th of may AND Wednesday 16th of May
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There won’t be training on Friday 11th of May.
Also due to the 5×5 tournament there won’t be training on Wednesday 16th of May.

NO training on Kingsday
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There won’t be training on April 27th due to Kingsday.

5×5 Tournament!
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Dear student,

Wednesday, May 16th Pusphaira is hosting its annual 5×5 tournament: a fun afternoon/evening of football followed by a barbecue! The tournament starts at 4.30 PM.
This is the link to the Facebook event page:

You can sign up with your team (men’s, women’s or mixed) for just €10, participating in the barbecue costs €5 per person. Each team, consisting of 5 or more players, can have at most 2 Pusphaira members.

Sign up is possible until May 2nd, via this link:

See you there!

The 5×5 committee