We are one of the largest student sports associations of the Student Sports Center of Eindhoven University of Technology. Having fun is our top priority! To learn more about us, watch this video or read here more about us and join us!                        


SSC open week!
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This week, SSC is hosting an open week, and we’re, of course, participating as well. During the week of September 11th, everyone is welcome to join our training sessions without prior registration! After this week, you are still welcome to join a training session, but please send an email to bestuur@pusphaira.nl to sign up.


The training times are as follows:

  • Lower Men: Monday (6:30 PM – 7:00 PM) and three blocks on Wednesday (6:00 PM – 7:30 PM, 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM, and 9:00 PM – 10:30 PM).
  • Women: Tuesday (7:00 PM – 8:30 PM) and Thursday (7:00 PM – 8:30 PM).

The location is the artificial  field at the De Hondsheuvels sports complex.


Lustrum Events!
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Dear Pusphairan,

Because our club existed for 55 years last year, we celebrate our 11th lustrum this year! The Lustrum Committee has organized 3 events for you:

  • Lustrum Openingsweekend (23-10 and 24-10)
    • Saturday October 23
      • 19:30 – 00:00: Silent Disco (5,-)
        A silent disco with some amazing DJ’s at Demos! This event will kick off the Lustrum at Pusphaira. Be there or be square!
    • Sunday October 24
      • 14:30 – 16:30: 55 Beer Game (Free)
      • Sign up for this match and you will be put into a team with one of our head coaches: Daan or Teun. They will make equal teams which will play against each other in a thrilling match. The losing team will have to pay for 55 beers for the winning team, which is based on an old Pusphaira tradition. We would like people from every team and every level to participate!

      • 16:30 – 18:30: Dinner (7,-)
      • You can get nice Indonesian food in our canteen while watching the match of Ajax-PSV.

      • 19:00 – 00:00: Mee-Lal Fustival (Free)
      • A unique, once in a lifetime performance of the Pusphaira Lustrumband “the Vlamtosti’s” in the Altstadt, where several members of the club will perform songs with their own lyrics! You really do not want to miss this..

        Attention: The deadline for the tickets for the Openings weekend is the 17th of October!

    • Lustrum Cantus (19-11)
    • A cantus cannot be forgotten when celebrating a Lustrum year of a student organization. That’s why on 19 November we will have a special Lustrum cantus! If you are not familiar with what a cantus is you can find some information on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cantus. The cantus will consist of many of your favourite canteen songs and of course plenty of beers! More information about the price and location will follow soon.

    • Lustrum Gala (03-12)
    • No lustrum celebration can pass by without a fancy gala evening. How interesting will it be to see our crazy ‘lompe’ soccer fanatics change their safe and comfortable environment of the Hondsheuvels canteen, into a ballroom? So, dress up and enjoy an extravagant evening with your fellow teammates! The gala will close off the 11th lustrum celebrations of our beloved club, be there to not miss out on elegant outfits, dancing to an actual band (although we do love our own lustrumband: the Vlamtosti’s), and foremost, unlimited drinks! WHAT?!

      It is also possible to join dinner beforehand, at the gala location itself. For only €40 you can enjoy a 3-course-dinner, including unlimited drinks, AGAIN! The dining room includes a great panoramic view, where you can enjoy good food, a lot of drinks, and great company. What’s not to like? Afterwards the party will move to the ballroom, where we will dance and drink the night away. You are more than welcome to bring a +1 to this event.

There is also the possibility to buy limited edition Lustrum merchandise! So get your Pusphaira socks, scarf or underwear now before it is too late..

And last but not least: you can claim a spot on the first official BoemBoemBoets table of Pusphaira, which will come into the canteen soon. For only 11,- euros you become a “Friend of Pusphaira” and you get a circle with your picture and/or name on it, while also sponsoring this great Lustrum!

You can buy all your tickets and merchandise now at: The 11th Lustrum Webshop.


The Pusphaira 11th Lustrum Committee

Open week SSC
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The open week from the SSC is from the 6th of September until the 10th of September. This means all students are welcome to join one of the training sessions. A sports card is not required. The training times can be found here!

Visit the website of the SSC for more info about the open week.

5×5 tournament
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It’s time for one of the best events of the season, the 5×5 tournament. As it stands now, the tournament can take place on Friday July 2!

This year the tournament set up will be a bit different than you are used to, as it will only be held for Pusphaira members. This is because there are still various guidelines that we must adhere to.
Depending on the developments regarding the Corona measures, the final set-up can still change, but we will inform you about this in time.

The focus is therefore on the internal bonding between the members of Pusphaira to celebrate the end of the season. That is why registration will take place individually and the committee will make the team classification. We strive to place you in a team with 1 to 2 people according to your preference, but we cannot guarantee this.

There is also the possibility to enjoy a tasty pizza which can serve as a base for the beers that will flow. You can indicate your preferred pizza when registering. The costs for this are still unknown, but will be about €6,-.

Date and time: July 2, 2021 from 16:30h
Location: Sportspark, the Hondsheuvels
Contact us: pusphaira5x5@hotmail.com
Event will be cash free!

!!!! SUBSCRIBE NOW: https://forms.gle/B2rdQe6yWqYGGUvu8

Trainers update
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The contract of Ferry Smith, the men’s goalkeeper coach, and Teun Bosch, the women’s head coach, have been extended by one year! In addition, Twan van Helvert, trainer of P2, and Leontien Cremers, the women’s goalkeeper coach, will also stay next season. Earlier it was announced that Daan Guldemond will also be head coach of the men’s selection next year.

Ferry Smith has been a great asset to the club for years. Next year will be Ferry’s fifth year at Pusphaira. The board and the keepers of the selection are very satisfied with Ferry and are very happy with the extension of his contract. An experienced goalkeeper coach gives the goalkeepers the important extra skills they need.

Teun Bosch will also continue to train and coach ladies 1 next year. Next year will be his seventh year as a coach at the club, but before that he was also a member of Pusphaira. Ladies 1 played third division this season, after the ladies were promoted last season. In addition to his trainer qualities, he also has a lot of experience within Pusphaira and that has many advantages.

Twan is the newest addition to the club, as next year will be his 2nd year at Pusphaira. Training a student team was new to him, but he really enjoys it. The 2nd team is also very satisfied with Twan, as he is always cheerful and gives good training. The cooperation between him and Daan goes smoothly and together we create a good men’s selection.

Finally, we arrived at Leontien, the ladies’ goalkeeper coach. Like Teun, she has been known to Pusphaira for some time. She used to be the goalkeeper of the 1st women’s team, but due to injuries she had to stop playing football. Fortunately, she enjoys training and has the opportunity to pass on all her keeper secrets. In addition, Leontien can be found in various committees where she actively participates and helps the club even more.

We can train again!
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After the announced relaxation of the cabinet, students (who are younger than 27 years) can train in a team again from 3 March! During these training sessions there is no longer a need to keep a meter and a half distance from each other. However, this must still be done before the start of the training and after the training. For now, each team can train once a week for 90 minutes. This is due to the limited capacity at the sports park in connection with the curfew. In addition, other (indoor) sports associations will also make use of the sports park. In order for everything to run smoothly, it is important that everyone reads the protocol carefully!

ED: Guldemond extends contract with Pusphaira for one year
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Daan Guldemond has extended his contract with Pusphaira by one year. For the 29-year-old head coach, it will be the third season that he is the head coach of the Eindhoven student team. Click on the link below for the full message:


Important! Waiting list MEN!
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Due to the large number of registrations, all our men’s teams are full. You can no longer be placed in a team. If you register as a match member, you will end up on a waiting list and you will be placed first in a team at possibility. You can still sign up as training member.

Ladies can still sign up as match members!

Information regarding corona
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All the information regarding corona will be placed on this page. That way everybody (also opponents) can see how we deal with the usage of the dressingrooms and canteen for example.

Cancellation of trainings on August 20th
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Because of the introduction week the ladies and selection training on 20-08 will be cancelled.