Winterbreak Trainings
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From 16th December until the 6th of Januari there won’t be any training.

This means that the ladies and the selection will have there last training on 12-12, and they will start again on 7-01. The lower men teams will have there last training on 13-12 and start again on 08-01.

P4: Team of the week
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This week P4 played home versus Woenselse Boys. Upon arrival at the pitch the sun was shining brightly, promising a good day for a match. We started the warm up well before the opponent showed up. It was clear we were more determined to win. As the first half began we had played with the sun in our backs hoping it would give the early advantage we were hoping for. The match started of hot with a lot of ball possession and scoring opportunities. The most notable is a 1 on 1 with the keeper which Gido just missed. In spite of all our early plays Woenselse Boys managed to counterattack with a long ball over the midfield. Their high pace caught the defence of guard and they scored the first goal. This lead was kept into the half time break.
As we switched sides and the sun was now in our faces we had a monumental task ahead of us. The great passes we had in the first half continued and gave several more chances. Finally, David managed to score the equalizer after a beautiful passing play which left the defence of Woenselse Boys scratching their heads. After this the match became much more exciting as both sides started to increase the pressure. Woenselse Boys kept trying with long balls over the midfield. Luckily, Kevin had a great game keeping most of the shot out of the net. Sadly they managed another counterattack in which they scored. We managed to keep our cool and kept on playing. We kept having chances and could feel the equalizer coming. Then suddenly David had the ball at the 16 line and an opportunity to shoot. The ball went into the top left corner leaving their keeper with no chance of saving it. Both teams fought really hard to score another goal. Just before the end of the match we got a free kick from about 25 meters away. Abe was behind the ball and narrowly missed the goal by 10 meters. Soon after the match was concluded with 2-2 as the final score.

First home Sunday!
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Just like every year there is a first home sunday!
The bowling alleys are ready and the new board will arrange the food for everyone (more info to come!).
Be sure to stay in the canteen after your match and let’s start the season well!
As always: the bowling alleys are paid by the club.

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From Wednesday, the 4th of September, the early trainings block will start again from 7pm to 8:30pm. In this block all training members and new members are welcome! On the late block between 8:30pm and 10pm the match members of P3, P4, P5 and P6 will train. The trainings will be given by trainer Daan Guldemond.

Every Friday there also is a training for all the lower men teams and training members together from 7pm to 8:30pm.

Reminder: training season is over!
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The last trainings of the season took place last week. The season was ended with a fun Schultitraining, where the delicious beers were central in the different soccergames.

Thus, to remind you: there won’t be any training this week and the weeks hereafter! We will announce the start of the season again at the end of July/beginning of August.

Have a nice summer!

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Past weekend team Eindhoven, formed by players from E.S.V.V. Pusphaira and E.S.Z.V.V Totelos, won the women’s football tournament of the SUSA GNSK 2019!

After a strong win against Wageningen, followed up by a tie against Maastricht the team advanced to the knockout phase as first on their group. In the semifinals the team matched against Rotterdam and after a highly intense and well fought game the teams went into penalties. There, thanks to a magnificent save by our goalie Leontien Cremers, and goals scored by Laura Vrenken, Xenia Zürn, Senna Kloosterman and Yanelle Stolwijk, the team made its way through to the next match. The final saw them face Wageningen again, who now presented a quite different approach than during the group stage fixture. Nonetheless from the start the ladies of Eindhoven controlled the game and had ball possession for large periods, but they struggled to create clear chances. During the 2nd half coach Amado Garza Salas brought Izy Janssens back into the field, planning to exploit the spaces the opponents were leaving. From the defensive line Izy was able to place an excellent pass to Laura Vrenken, who under pressure by the defense, took a great shot that defeated the goalkeeper and got into the far corner of the goal. The ladies from Eindhoven would go on to win the final 1-0, becoming undefeated champions. Congrats to the players and the coach!

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On June 21, the Schultenbräu training will take place under supervision of Daan and Teun.
We will arrange some Schultenbräu but to make sure you have enough beer for the whole training it is best if you bring (at least) one sixpack to the training!
After the training it is possible to take a shower and then the CaC will open the canteen!

See you all then!

OSVV-Pusphaira training
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Wednesday 19 June OSVV (the old student soccer association) organises a combined training session with Pusphaira. The goal of this training session is first of all to have a nice pastime playing football, but also to strengthen the bonds with Pusphaira.

The annual combined training session with Pusphaira has been a big success so far. We would like to make this year’s occurrence a big success as well. We therefore hope that all of you can attend.

Please note that the training starts at 8 PM.

Ascension Day
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Due to Ascension Day, there won’t be any training given next week’s Thursday and Friday. (May the 30th and 31st)

Training Wednesday 22nd of May canceled!
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Due to the annual 5×5 Tournament that Pusphaira is organizing this Wednesday, the 22nd of May, there is no opportunity to train this evening. The soccerpitches at Hondsheuvels will be occupied by hundreds of students playing 5 against 5 soccer and enjoying the sun! Hopefully we will still see you there anyways. 🙂