If you are interested in exploring sponsorship possibilities or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email at sponsoring@pusphaira.nl.

1. Shirt sponsor

As a shirt sponsor, we will allow your logo to be printed on one or more of our match kit sets. Additionally, we can print your logo on tracksuits, bags, or warm-up shirts. The price can be arranged depending on factors such as the purchase of new clothing or bags, the sponsored team involved, and the material being printed on. As an indication, the cost for printing the kits of Pusphaira’s men’s first team is € 1600,-.

2. Materials sponsor

Are you a company that sells sports articles or promotes sports activities? It is attractive to you to sponsor us through materials and products. Pusphaira annually purchases new materials such as match and training balls, kick-in balls, vests, corner flags, and match clothing within a club context. Additionally, the club offers its members a clothing promotion twice a year, allowing them to purchase training clothes at a reduced price. During this promotion, initials can be printed if desired.

3. Board sponsor

With this form of sponsorship, a sign is attached to the fence along the main field (or behind one of the goals) in consultation with the sponsor. The main field of Pusphaira is also shared by two other football associations, in addition to Pusphaira. The sponsor board will be visible to teams from different associations who use the facility, their opponents, and the attending supporters. In this arrangement, the sponsor covers the cost of the board and retains ownership of it. For one year of board sponsorship, we ask for € 350,-.

4. Website sponsor

The website of Pusphaira is visited by Pusphaira members and interested parties seeking current information about matches, upcoming events, and photos of past events. Visiting teams also rely on the website for details about the location and matches. Regarding the layout and content of the advertisement, there is flexibility to incorporate your ideas as a sponsor, allowing for various possibilities. For website sponsorship during one season, the cost is approximately € 100,-, depending on the presentation of your ad.

5. Facebook sponsor

Pusphaira has an active group of followers consisting of more than 450 people on its Facebook page and 680 on its Instagram page. These primarily include members (students), supporters of members, and interested parties who enjoy staying informed about our club’s developments. A sponsor has the opportunity to post job vacancies or promote their company or product on our public Facebook and Instagram pages: www.Facebook.com/ESVVPusphaira https://www.instagram.com/esvv_pusphaira/. The number of times for posting can be determined based on mutual agreement. The posts on the social media channels are also displayed in the home screen of our Pusphaira app. This app is weekly by members to subscribe for trainings, matches and activities. The cost for a post on our social media channels is around €250,-.

6. Club magazine sponsor

With this form of sponsorship, the sponsor can place an advertisement in our club magazine: the Puspass. Our club magazine is published four times a year, both digitally and in print, and is read by the majority of our members. In addition to current members, the Puspass is also distributed to former members and individuals who are still connected to the club and hold a strong affection for it. To advertise in the club magazine for one season (four editions), the sponsor pays € 150,-.

7. Tournament/event sponsor

Pusphaira is an active football association that participates in numerous activities and also organizes various events. A sponsor has the opportunity to associate their company name with a tournament we organize ourselves, such as the ‘Philips 5×5 tournament’. Alternatively, they can sponsor us for a tournament in which we participate by having their advertisement logo on our participation shirts. Events in which participants could use those shirts for example are the Batavierenrace and StuTo. Additionally, every year Pusphaira organises a Skiing trip where we can decorate our transport van with stickers provided by the sponsor. The way this sponsorships takes place can be discussed as well as the cost.

8. Introduction week sponsor

Every year, approximately 2500 new students come to study in Eindhoven, and Pusphaira sees this as an important opportunity to present itself as a student football association and attract new members. During the introduction week organized in Eindhoven for these (international) students, Pusphaira actively participates in various activities. As part of the sponsorship, Pusphaira can distribute promotional materials to (new) students on behalf of a sponsor, featuring both the sponsor’s logo and that of Pusphaira.

9. Match ball sponsor

A sponsor can sponsor a specific match of one of our teams. With this form of sponsorship, the sponsor pays for the match ball, and they are mentioned when announcing the match via social media or match magazines. This could be of importance at promotion games or even championship matches where a lot of people tend to show up to support a team. Additionally, the company can display its flag beside the field during the sponsored match.

10. Information evening sponsor

Our club consists solely of highly-educated young professionals who are either currently on the verge of entering the labor market or will be entering the labor market in a few years. These individuals include not only students from the Eindhoven University of Technology but also students from various Universities of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven. This makes us appealing to potential employers who are eager to present themselves to our community, whether for full-time jobs or side jobs. One effective way to achieve this is through an information evening, during which your company can present itself through a lecture or workshop held during one of our club evenings.

11. Promote or test new products

Eindhoven is an area with a lot of start-ups, high-tech, and sports-related companies. If a company would like to promote a new product or have it tested by our members, we are open to this. Depending on the form in which this is done, the conditions under which this will take place can be agreed upon.

12. Donate to charities or volunteer work

Pusphaira is committed to its environment and various groups within that environment. We understand the joy of playing football and therefore, we are enthusiastic about making it possible for other groups as well. This includes individuals with disabilities, the elderly, and refugees. Pusphaira actively supports initiatives aimed at providing these individuals with enjoyable experiences by organizing fun activities, often related to football. If your organization is seeking a group of students who would be interested in organizing such an event for your organization, we are always open to engaging in a dialogue with you.

13. Own sponsor ideas

Of course, there is room for you as a sponsor to contribute your sponsorship ideas, please! If you have a good idea that will benefit both your organization and our association, you are more than welcome to submit it to us.

We receive and respond to your questions, ideas, and comments via the following email address: sponsoring@pusphaira.nl.