5×5 Tournament 2024

All tickets are sold out, if you could not participate we hope to see you next year!

On Wednesday, the 29th of May, it’s time for the best Pusphaira events, the 5×5 tournament! There is a maximum of 2 Pusphaira members for each team, so a lot of non Pusphaira participants will get to know our awesome club. More team members = more non- Pusphaira participants= more potential Pusphaira members!

The tournament will be played with two groups: a men-only poule and a mixed poule. A girl-only team will be classified in the mixed poule. In the mixed poule, a woman must be in the field at all times during a match!
During the tournament you will play matches 5 against 5, drink beer, be happy, dance & enjoy each. The final part of this day will be a big party with lots of beer, where happy hour can of course not be missed.

Some details:
• Date and time: May 29, 2024 from 16:00h
• Location: Sportspark, the Hondsheuvels
• Contact us for anything: pusphaira5x5@hotmail.com
• Information will be provided on Instagram: pusphaira5x5
• Early bird special ticket: €20 each team
• Regular ticket: €25 each team
• The coins for drinks are PIN ONLY!
• The food can be bought with both cash and pin.
• The tournament will be played with varying goals sizes.
• Each team must bring a ball to play their matches with.

The ticket sale will start on the 26th of March. Early bird tickets are available until the 9th of April. Then, the regular ticket price applies. In addition to the discount you receive as a team, a nice prize will be raffled among the teams that have registered during early-bird. What this prize will be, will be announced soon >> follow us on Instagram! After the early bird tickets, it is still possible to buy regular tickets until May 22th.
There is the possibility to enjoy a tasty dinner, which will be served by different food trucks. They will be serving fries and snacks.

We hope to see you there!

Lots of love, the 5×5 committee
Yi Qin, Daan, Renske, Rijn and Sam