Once upon a time…

posted by Bestuur
Sunday, April 5, 2020

Once upon a time there was a Pusphairan. Corona reigned in Pusphaira land. So this Pusphairan was bored. He / she could no longer kick a ball with his / her teammates, he / she could no longer drink shultis in the changing room, no more boemboemboetsen in the canteen, no more accidental escalation after another pleasant Sunday. On Thursdays to the Feesfabriek was no longer an option. ‘What should I do now?’ thought this Pusphairan, “how can I show my love for the club?” This Pusphairan didn’t want a pusphaira-tattoo either, “what if a board suddenly decides to change the logo?” And even if he / she only tattooed the name, a tattoo shop didn’t seem the safest place for him / her at the moment.
Then the Pusphairan figured out what he / she could do! He / she could give his / her door a transformation.
And with this new Pusphaira-door, this Pusphairan lived happily ever after!