posted by Bestuur
Monday, May 8, 2017

Our association is expanding. This is visible during training, which can be very crowded at sometimes. In the season of 2017/2018 there will be an extra training opportunity for the lower men teams, to make the training less crowded. This offers Pusphaira members an opportunity to personally develop themselves, by giving training during these training blocks. Besides that, it is important for the sustainability of our association to become more self-sufficient, i.e. we should be less dependent on the few trainers we have, and should become more flexible by enabling ourselves to have an answer to absence or lack of trainers.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for at least 8 members who would like to give two trainings of 1.5 hours per month. More concrete, this means that a student trainer will be giving training for 3 hours per month. You will never stand alone: we would like to work in couples of student trainers to make sure you can help each other out on the field. These training blocks are scheduled on Wednesday evenings, between 19:00 and 20:30 and between 20:30 and 22:00 hour.


– football insights: a student trainer should be able to give (minimally) useful tips to players

– ability to lead a group (and speak in front of a group)

– Responsibility towards players and materials

What do we expect from student trainers?

We expect from student trainers they prepare their trainings (together): this means that they know on beforehand what exercises they want to practice, and which materials are necessary for these exercises.

Before the training, the student trainer will pick up the keys of the materials locker. At the pitch, the student trainer makes sure the materials are taken to the field, and (if applicable) that the lights are switched on. After training the student trainer makes sure that materials are brought back to their place, doors are locked, lights are switched off, and that the keys are returned to the SSC. For these activities we will provide a simple instruction video.

What can the student trainer expect from us?

We will provide a workshop at the beginning of the season on how to properly prepare a training. Moreover, Daan and Rudy will be open to answer questions or give feedback if you ask for it.

If the student trainer has the ambition to grow further and give more training, and for example would prefer to train or coach a team for a longer period, we will do our best to see what is possible to facilitate this.