(Sponsor)deals for Pusphairans


No more hassle with arranging enough cars for Sundays, because Pusphaira has a contract with Amberauto’s!

Do you always want to have a car at your disposal to drive to the games with your team on Sundays? Then you have to create an account at Amberauto’s via Pusphaira, ask a board member how to do this!


Order your products, travel, hotel room or pizzas via Pusphaira! It doesn’t cost you anything extra, but it does earn Pusphaira extra money!

Also download the SponsorKliks extension for Chrome that ensures that you do not miss out on free sponsorship opportunities! The plugin notifies you when you are on a website that allows you to sponsor Pusphaira.

Pusphaira is a member of the Eindhoven Student Sports Federation (ESSF). All athletes represented by the ESSF can get a 10% discount on their purchases (if not on sale). Intersport offers a wide range of sports equipment and clothing.
-> Sportplein Eindhoven <-

The sports physiotherapists of Sportplein Eindhoven hold a free walk-in consultation hour every Monday and Tuesday for all complaints of the musculoskeletal system.

With the help of the free advice of our sports physiotherapists, you can decide how you want to tackle your complaint. This may mean that you are treated at Sportplein Eindhoven, for example, but it may also be that you are referred to a specialist for further examination.

-> OSVV 040  <-

OSVV 040 is the former student football association of Eindhoven. The association originated from ESVV Pusphaira. OSVV 040 is a sub-association of Pusphaira, separated at administrative/financial level, one association for the KNVB.

Many members of OSVV 040 are former members of Pusphaira. People who wanted to keep playing football, only in an association that better suits their post-student phase, but at the same time breathes the cosiness of Pusphaira. When your time at Pusphaira is up you can become a member of OSVV-040, an SSC sports card is not required.