Canteen rules

1. Inclusive canteen: we welcome all visitors and ensure that everyone feels safe and welcome.
2. Nothing under 18: no alcohol is served or sold to people under the age of 18. It is also not allowed for visitors to provide people younger than 18 with alcohol.
3. Authority behind the bar: only the board and bar volunteers who are on duty at the given time are entitled to be behind the bar, provided they have an Instruction for Responsible Alcohol Serving (IVA) certificate.
4. No excessive alcohol usage: The board and the bar volunteers on duty have the responsibility not to provide alcohol to a member in the event of excessive alcohol consumption.
5. Smoking ban: smoking is not permitted on the entire site of De Hondsheuvels.
6. No own drinks/food: it is not allowed to eat/drink drinks you bring with you in the canteen, unless permission is given by the board.
7. Paying for drinks: it is not allowed to go home without paying.
8. No glassware outside: it is not allowed to take glassware outside; plastic hard cups are available for this. These must be returned to the canteen after use.
9. Putting back empty cups and glassware: empty cups, glasses and bottles must be put back on the bar upon departure.