We are one of the largest student sports associations of the Student Sports Center of Eindhoven University of Technology. Having fun is our top priority! To learn more about us, watch this video or read here more about us and join us!                        


Pusphaira 11th Lustrum!
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On the 12th of October, year 1965, E.S.V.V. Pusphaira was founded. This year, exactly 55 years later, we are going to celebrate that our fantastic club is still going strong. Do you wanna know how? Go to Pusphaira 11th Lustrum and find out! Test Link

Play the new Pusphaira game: Flappy Board!!
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The WebCie has spend its time well and has made a Pusphaira Flappy Bird game! Flappy Board! Will you make Pusphaira proud by holding up the ball the longest?? Try it out now!

Take a look at the renewed photo gallery!!
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The WebCie is currently improving the website. An important part of that was the photo gallery. The existing photo gallery has been completely renewed and you can find there the pictures of the events of the past 6 years! So don’t waste any time, and take a look at the renewed gallery! The password for the gallery can be found on the group description of the Pusphaira Whatsapp group.

Once upon a time…
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Once upon a time there was a Pusphairan. Corona reigned in Pusphaira land. So this Pusphairan was bored. He / she could no longer kick a ball with his / her teammates, he / she could no longer drink shultis in the changing room, no more boemboemboetsen in the canteen, no more accidental escalation after another pleasant Sunday. On Thursdays to the Feesfabriek was no longer an option. ‘What should I do now?’ thought this Pusphairan, “how can I show my love for the club?” This Pusphairan didn’t want a pusphaira-tattoo either, “what if a board suddenly decides to change the logo?” And even if he / she only tattooed the name, a tattoo shop didn’t seem the safest place for him / her at the moment.
Then the Pusphairan figured out what he / she could do! He / she could give his / her door a transformation.
And with this new Pusphaira-door, this Pusphairan lived happily ever after!

New date & place GMM!
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Due to the coronavirus, the biannual ALV will be held on Wednesday April 22 at 7.30 pm. Everyone is welcome to participate virtually, how you can do this and the rules for making the ALV run as smoothly as possible will be communicated later.

How was the wintersports trip?!
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Now, a week later, back in this Corona-ridden country, the vacation seems even better than it already was. We have enjoyed skiing/snowboarding, (the maybe even more important) après skiing, good weather, amazing snow and enough pints. Maishofen was a very nice location for us, just 20 minutes by bus to the first piste, where we went to everyday with the earliest bus. The food at Gasthof Unterwirt was very good and after the first day the employees were even nice to us. The guesthouse itself had one of the weirdest layouts that we had ever seen and no wifi, but it was still very chill. After an amazing week the long ride back began. Some busses could easily go past the 140 km/h so we raced over the German highways to a, especially for the toppers that had a game the next day, a much needed night’s rest. In addition to all the great memories and the Coronavirus, we also got the aftermovie from this successful holiday!

UPDATED 23/03: Cancellations due to the corona virus
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Also at Pusphaira we closely follow the progress of the virus. The health of our members is paramount. The SSC will close its doors until the 1st of June. All trainings, competitions and events of student sports associations must be canceled.

General Members Meeting
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The bi-annual GMM will take place on Monday 16 March. You have already received the agenda for the coming GMM and minutes from the previous GMM via email. Important topics will be discussed, so be there and give your opinion!

Canceled trainigs
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Because of the carnival, there will be no training tonight, Monday 24-02 and Tuesday 25-02 for the men. The women will not train tonight, but they will train on Tuesday 25-02.

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