We are one of the largest student sports associations of the Student Sports Center of Eindhoven University of Technology. Having fun is our top priority! To learn more about us, watch this video or read here more about us and join us!                        


P2: new trainer ánd new competition
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We can proudly announce that a trainer for the second team has been found! Twan van Helvert will provide the training on Tuesdays and coach the team on Sundays. The second team has also been promoted to the third division, which means that they now play in the A category. They come out in a tough competition. We wish p2 and Twan a lot of fun and success this season!
Would you also like to become a member or know more about our association: look here to become a member and here for more information or send us an email (bestuur@pusphaira.nl).

Trainings during the summer
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The selection men trainings will be cancelled from 19-06 untill 13-07.

The ladies trainings will continue as normal.

The lower men trainings will take place on Monday and Wednesday from 19:00-20:00. There will not be a second block.

No training on the 1st of June
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Due to Pinksteren there is NO training on June 1st. During the rest of week 23 the trainings will continue as normal.

Pusphaira 1 has been promoted!
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Pusphaira 1 was first in the table when the season was abruptly ended. The KNVB agreed to promote Pusphaira 1 to the 4e klasse.


We can train again!
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We can train again!
From Monday, May 18, there will be opportunity to train, however limited and via a protocol. Read it carefully, it contains important rules. You now train one hour instead of one and a half and you also have to register for the training, because there can only be a maximum of 30 people per training. A Google Drive sheet is used for this, where you register again for each week. You can find the sheet and protocol in your mail Even if 30 people are already registered, we ask you to put your name below it, so that you will have priority for the next training.
If you do not follow the rules of the protocol or instructions from the trainers or board members, you can be removed from the training.
See you next week!

Can we train again?
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We were very positively surprised yesterday to hear that adults will be allowed to play outdoor sports in groups again from next Monday! We notice that some of you have questions so that’s why this post. Training must of course be done according to the guidelines, which is why we are busy writing a good protocol for the training. As soon as this is finished and we have approval from the ssc, we will communicate it to you as soon as possible so that we can go back to the field. At the moment our aim is to start training again in the week of May 18. Because many things are not yet allowed, it will not become ‘normal’ training. If you have any further questions, please email us at bestuur@pusphaira.nl. Hopefully see you on the field soon!

Pusphaira 11th Lustrum!
geplaatst door Lustrum Committee

On the 12th of October, year 1965, E.S.V.V. Pusphaira was founded. This year, exactly 55 years later, we are going to celebrate that our fantastic club is still going strong. Do you wanna know how? Go to Pusphaira 11th Lustrum and find out! Test Link

Play the new Pusphaira game: Flappy Board!!
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The WebCie has spend its time well and has made a Pusphaira Flappy Bird game! Flappy Board! Will you make Pusphaira proud by holding up the ball the longest?? Try it out now!

Take a look at the renewed photo gallery!!
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The WebCie is currently improving the website. An important part of that was the photo gallery. The existing photo gallery has been completely renewed and you can find there the pictures of the events of the past 6 years! So don’t waste any time, and take a look at the renewed gallery! The password for the gallery can be found on the group description of the Pusphaira Whatsapp group.

Once upon a time…
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Once upon a time there was a Pusphairan. Corona reigned in Pusphaira land. So this Pusphairan was bored. He / she could no longer kick a ball with his / her teammates, he / she could no longer drink shultis in the changing room, no more boemboemboetsen in the canteen, no more accidental escalation after another pleasant Sunday. On Thursdays to the Feesfabriek was no longer an option. ‘What should I do now?’ thought this Pusphairan, “how can I show my love for the club?” This Pusphairan didn’t want a pusphaira-tattoo either, “what if a board suddenly decides to change the logo?” And even if he / she only tattooed the name, a tattoo shop didn’t seem the safest place for him / her at the moment.
Then the Pusphairan figured out what he / she could do! He / she could give his / her door a transformation.
And with this new Pusphaira-door, this Pusphairan lived happily ever after!