Trainer Assignments

Mon 24/06/202418:30Training P3/P4/P5/P6/P7/P8/P9/P10
Tue 25/06/202420:30Training P1
Tue 25/06/202420:30Training P2
Wed 26/06/202418:00Training P3/P4/P5/P10
Wed 26/06/202419:30Training P6/P7/P8/P9
Wed 26/06/202421:00Training P6/P8/P9
Thu 27/06/202419:00Training VR1/VR2
Thu 27/06/202420:30Training P2
Thu 27/06/202420:30Training P1
Mon 01/07/202418:30Training P3/P4/P5/P6/P7/P8/P9/P10
Tue 02/07/202419:00Training VR1/VR2
Tue 02/07/202420:30Training P1
Tue 02/07/202420:30Training P2
Wed 03/07/202418:00Training P6/P8/P9
Thu 04/07/202420:30Training P2
Thu 04/07/202420:30Training P1
Tue 09/07/202420:30Training P1
Tue 09/07/202420:30Training P2
Thu 11/07/202420:30Training P2
Thu 11/07/202420:30Training P1
Tue 16/07/202420:30Training P1
Tue 16/07/202420:30Training P2
Thu 18/07/202420:30Training P2
Thu 18/07/202420:30Training P1
Tue 23/07/202420:30Training P1
Tue 23/07/202420:30Training P2
Thu 25/07/202420:30Training P2
Thu 25/07/202420:30Training P1
Tue 30/07/202420:30Training P1
Tue 30/07/202420:30Training P2
Thu 01/08/202420:30Training P2
Thu 01/08/202420:30Training P1
Tue 06/08/202419:00Training VR1
Tue 06/08/202420:30Training P1
Tue 06/08/202420:30Training P2
Thu 08/08/202419:00Training VR1
Thu 08/08/202420:30Training P2
Thu 08/08/202420:30Training P1
Tue 13/08/202419:00Training VR2
Tue 13/08/202419:00Training VR1
Tue 13/08/202420:30Training P1
Tue 13/08/202420:30Training P2
Thu 15/08/202419:00Training VR2
Thu 15/08/202419:00Training VR1
Thu 15/08/202420:30Training P2
Thu 15/08/202420:30Training P1
Tue 20/08/202419:00Training VR2
Tue 20/08/202419:00Training VR1
Tue 20/08/202420:30Training P1
Tue 20/08/202420:30Training P2
Thu 22/08/202419:00Training VR2
Thu 22/08/202419:00Training VR1
Thu 22/08/202420:30Training P2
Thu 22/08/202420:30Training P1
Tue 27/08/202419:00Training VR2
Tue 27/08/202419:00Training VR1
Tue 27/08/202420:30Training P1
Tue 27/08/202420:30Training P2
Thu 29/08/202419:00Training VR2
Thu 29/08/202419:00Training VR1
Thu 29/08/202420:30Training P2
Thu 29/08/202420:30Training P1
Tue 03/09/202419:00Training VR2
Tue 03/09/202419:00Training VR1
Tue 03/09/202420:30Training P1
Tue 03/09/202420:30Training P2
Thu 05/09/202419:00Training VR2
Thu 05/09/202419:00Training VR1
Thu 05/09/202420:30Training P2
Thu 05/09/202420:30Training P1
Tue 10/09/202419:00Training VR2
Tue 10/09/202419:00Training VR1
Tue 10/09/202420:30Training P1
Tue 10/09/202420:30Training P2
Thu 12/09/202419:00Training VR2
Thu 12/09/202419:00Training VR1
Thu 12/09/202420:30Training P2
Thu 12/09/202420:30Training P1
Tue 17/09/202419:00Training VR2
Tue 17/09/202419:00Training VR1
Tue 17/09/202420:30Training P1
Tue 17/09/202420:30Training P2
Thu 19/09/202419:00Training VR2
Thu 19/09/202419:00Training VR1
Thu 19/09/202420:30Training P2
Thu 19/09/202420:30Training P1
Tue 24/09/202419:00Training VR2
Tue 24/09/202419:00Training VR1
Tue 24/09/202420:30Training P1
Tue 24/09/202420:30Training P2
Thu 26/09/202419:00Training VR2
Thu 26/09/202419:00Training VR1
Thu 26/09/202420:30Training P2
Thu 26/09/202420:30Training P1
Tue 01/10/202419:00Training VR2
Tue 01/10/202419:00Training VR1
Tue 01/10/202420:30Training P1
Tue 01/10/202420:30Training P2
Thu 03/10/202419:00Training VR2
Thu 03/10/202419:00Training VR1
Thu 03/10/202420:30Training P2
Thu 03/10/202420:30Training P1
Tue 08/10/202419:00Training VR2
Tue 08/10/202419:00Training VR1
Tue 08/10/202420:30Training P1
Tue 08/10/202420:30Training P2
Thu 10/10/202419:00Training VR2
Thu 10/10/202419:00Training VR1
Thu 10/10/202420:30Training P2
Thu 10/10/202420:30Training P1
Tue 15/10/202419:00Training VR2
Tue 15/10/202419:00Training VR1
Tue 15/10/202420:30Training P1
Tue 15/10/202420:30Training P2
Thu 17/10/202419:00Training VR2
Thu 17/10/202419:00Training VR1
Thu 17/10/202420:30Training P2
Thu 17/10/202420:30Training P1
Tue 22/10/202419:00Training VR2
Tue 22/10/202419:00Training VR1
Tue 22/10/202420:30Training P1
Tue 22/10/202420:30Training P2
Thu 24/10/202419:00Training VR2
Thu 24/10/202419:00Training VR1
Thu 24/10/202420:30Training P2
Thu 24/10/202420:30Training P1
Tue 29/10/202419:00Training VR2
Tue 29/10/202419:00Training VR1
Tue 29/10/202420:30Training P1
Tue 29/10/202420:30Training P2
Thu 31/10/202419:00Training VR2
Thu 31/10/202419:00Training VR1
Thu 31/10/202420:30Training P2
Thu 31/10/202420:30Training P1
Tue 05/11/202419:00Training VR2
Tue 05/11/202419:00Training VR1
Tue 05/11/202420:30Training P1
Tue 05/11/202420:30Training P2
Thu 07/11/202419:00Training VR2
Thu 07/11/202419:00Training VR1
Thu 07/11/202420:30Training P2
Thu 07/11/202420:30Training P1
Tue 12/11/202419:00Training VR2
Tue 12/11/202419:00Training VR1
Tue 12/11/202420:30Training P1
Tue 12/11/202420:30Training P2
Thu 14/11/202419:00Training VR2
Thu 14/11/202419:00Training VR1
Thu 14/11/202420:30Training P2
Thu 14/11/202420:30Training P1
Tue 19/11/202419:00Training VR2
Tue 19/11/202419:00Training VR1
Tue 19/11/202420:30Training P1
Tue 19/11/202420:30Training P2
Thu 21/11/202419:00Training VR2
Thu 21/11/202419:00Training VR1
Thu 21/11/202420:30Training P2
Thu 21/11/202420:30Training P1
Tue 26/11/202419:00Training VR2
Tue 26/11/202419:00Training VR1
Tue 26/11/202420:30Training P1
Tue 26/11/202420:30Training P2
Thu 28/11/202419:00Training VR2
Thu 28/11/202419:00Training VR1
Thu 28/11/202420:30Training P2
Thu 28/11/202420:30Training P1
Tue 03/12/202419:00Training VR2
Tue 03/12/202419:00Training VR1
Tue 03/12/202420:30Training P1
Tue 03/12/202420:30Training P2
Thu 05/12/202419:00Training VR2
Thu 05/12/202419:00Training VR1
Thu 05/12/202420:30Training P2
Thu 05/12/202420:30Training P1
Tue 10/12/202419:00Training VR2
Tue 10/12/202419:00Training VR1
Tue 10/12/202420:30Training P1
Tue 10/12/202420:30Training P2
Thu 12/12/202419:00Training VR2
Thu 12/12/202419:00Training VR1
Thu 12/12/202420:30Training P2
Thu 12/12/202420:30Training P1
Tue 17/12/202419:00Training VR2
Tue 17/12/202419:00Training VR1
Tue 17/12/202420:30Training P1
Tue 17/12/202420:30Training P2
Thu 19/12/202419:00Training VR2
Thu 19/12/202419:00Training VR1
Thu 19/12/202420:30Training P2
Thu 19/12/202420:30Training P1
Tue 24/12/202419:00Training VR2
Tue 24/12/202419:00Training VR1
Tue 24/12/202420:30Training P1
Tue 24/12/202420:30Training P2
Thu 26/12/202419:00Training VR2
Thu 26/12/202419:00Training VR1
Thu 26/12/202420:30Training P2
Thu 26/12/202420:30Training P1
Tue 31/12/202419:00Training VR2
Tue 31/12/202419:00Training VR1
Tue 31/12/202420:30Training P1
Tue 31/12/202420:30Training P2
Thu 02/01/202519:00Training VR2
Thu 02/01/202519:00Training VR1
Thu 02/01/202520:30Training P2
Thu 02/01/202520:30Training P1
Tue 07/01/202519:00Training VR2
Tue 07/01/202519:00Training VR1
Tue 07/01/202520:30Training P1
Tue 07/01/202520:30Training P2
Thu 09/01/202519:00Training VR2
Thu 09/01/202519:00Training VR1
Thu 09/01/202520:30Training P2
Thu 09/01/202520:30Training P1
Tue 14/01/202519:00Training VR2
Tue 14/01/202519:00Training VR1
Tue 14/01/202520:30Training P1
Tue 14/01/202520:30Training P2
Thu 16/01/202519:00Training VR2
Thu 16/01/202519:00Training VR1
Thu 16/01/202520:30Training P2
Thu 16/01/202520:30Training P1
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