Vr4: Team van de Week!

posted by Bestuur
donderdag, november 14, 2019

This Sundays match for ladies 4 was against Unitas. So bight and early in the freezing cold everyone got on their bikes to make our way to Woensel. After a (for Amado) short talk we walked onto the field trying to warm up. With ice on the field but without balls (again I’m sorry…). So with the wise words of Femkay we: ‘Dames 4, na de wedstrijd hebben we bier’, we started the match. We literally started a bit slippery (Christine and Julia literally) with the match but managed to put good pressure. We noticed we had a lot of space and after 20 minutes Amado figured it out. ‘Girlsss they are only playing with nine, come on!!!’ It turned out they had only ten players and one got injured. So knowing this we tried to play smart and look for the free player. This resulted in chances but no goals yet. This changed when Christine came up with the corner. The ball bounced outside of the sixteen and Christine shot it in once, while turning, with her left foot, in to the goal! 0-1! Before the break it even became 0-2. Emma made a run to the back line. She played it past the keeper and kicked it into the goal from an almost impossible angle.

The second started again with wise words of Femkay: ‘Dames 4, over 45 minuten hebben we bier’. In the second have we had one purpose: make goals! Emma took this purpose to heart and scored two more times! A hattrick! Ruby also created a lot of chances but was unlucky in the finishing. But then finally after a nice attract Ruby finally found the net. Only to have it ruined by the not so impartial linesmen. Inge thought, if Christine can score with her wrong leg so can I and made the 0-5. Julia determined the score with the 0-6 form an assist from Femkay. We even had support from former Puspharian lady Monique. Who got some grief by Lien even though it was Lenne who shouded something at Lien. ‘Wel leuk dat je kwam kijken hoor’ Lien tried to make up to Monique. (and again i’m sorry…)

So when the match finally was over, as Femkey woud say, ‘Dames 4 het is tijd voor bier!’