Board 2019-2020

Tijn Ketelaar Treasurer

My name is Tijn Ketelaar, I am 20 years old and studying Applied Mathematics. This is my second year at Pusphaira in what is also my second year of studying in Eindhoven. I am known within the selection teams as an extremely lazy striker but somehow, I manage to score regularly. My role within the board is treasurer, which means that I am responsible for the financial stability of our club. I also work together with the sponsor committee to work together with our sponsors and making sure both parties benefit from a partnership. I also use any excuse to drink some beers and have shown my drinking talents on numerous occasions such as during the CoBo.
Bart Niezen Zondagsman

Hi, my name is Bart Niezen, I am 22 years old and study Industrial Engineering. I am from Amsterdam but grew up in Hoorn, Noord-Holland. This is my second year at the club, this year in the defense of Pusphaira 6. I am the zondagsman on the board, basically just the match secretary with some extra tasks. On Sundays I take care of the referees, changing rooms, fields and the canteen. Mostly practical matters. I am also involved in a number of committees such as the referee committee, bar committee and the Pusphaira wintersports trip!
Matthijs van Vroenhoven Vice-President

Hi, I'm Matthijs van Vroenhoven, 20 years old and studying Data Science. I'm from IJsselstein, which is near Utrecht. I am in my second year of my Bachelor and it is also my second year at Pusphaira. I usually play in the second team. I am the vice-chairman on the board. Although rumors are circulating that this means that I am not doing anything, I find myself rather often busy with the suspension. For example, I am responsible for many committees, including the IT, Bata, PR, Photo, Intro and Lustrum commissions. In addition to that, I take on general tasks and, naturally with great reluctance, I am always present at the events and parties.
Femke de Jager Secretary

My name is Femke de Jager, I´m 23 years old and this is my fifth season at Pusphaira. I studied physical therapy in Eindhoven and currently I´m studying Human Movement Sciences in Amsterdam. I played matches since three years now, for ladies 2. I am known for my many, often useless, running and the red sports head that goes with it. Also in the third half I often do my best, so I´d like to see you in the canteen and at events! In the board, my role is that I am the secretary. I do all tasks regarding member administration, emails, registrations and of course I take minutes. I am also responsible for a number of committees, such as the 5x5 tournament, the naaico and the puspass.
Marloes van Driel Chairman

Hey there, I am Marloes van Driel, 21 years old, and I study biomedical engineering. I come from a little village, close to the Belgian border. This is my third year playing for Pushpaira ladies 2. My role in the board is chairmen. My main job is to prepare for and host meetings with the board and external parties. Besides that, I keep the overview of what is happening inside the board and the club and I am occupied with our policy. Regarding the committees, I am responsible for the club evenings, the technical committee and the website. And of course, I will be present at a lot of Pusphaira activities and parties!