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Ticket Lustrum Cantus [Cancelled]


Tickets for the Cantus are only available for Pusphaira members!
Tickets can be bought until 14 November 23:59! (Deadline is postponed!)

A cantus can not be forgotten when celebrating a Lustrum year of a student association. That’s why on 19 November we will have a special Lustrum cantus! If you are not familiar with what a cantus is you can find some information on Wikipedia. The cantus will consist of many of your favourite canteen songs, some of the brand new songs sung during the `meelal fustival’ and of course plenty of beers! The cantus will take place at the `sociëteit’ of SSRE and will cost €20,- which includes beer for the whole activity.
Hope to see you all there!

  • Friday 19-Nov
    • 20:00 – 23:00: Cantus
      – Only for Pusphaira members!
      – CoronaCheck QR code required!
      – Location: SSRE, Vestdijk 22, Eindhoven
      – Ticket price: €20,-
      – Beer during the activity included!